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Mustang Country Threatened by Fire

June 27, 2012

The summer of 2012 is only 6 days old today, and yet it has brought destructive fire to many of our western neighbors, fires which burn uncontrollably at this moment in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, California, Montana, Nevada, and even North Carolina and Tennessee. The people of Texas remember well.

According to Debbie Collins of the Bureau of Land Management, there are no mustang Herd Management Areas affected by these fires, however she is preparing a press release, due out this week on The press release will detail a complete update on BLM activities in progress as a result of the drought and ongoing extreme risk of new fires which may affect the mustang herds. Emergency gathers have taken place and more may be needed as reports of water shortages are verified in several key locations.

Horses near Roundup, Montana
Photo credit Mark Higgins

Fire on the slopes near Boulder, Colorado
Photo credit Cactus Saddlery

An indication of disaster in the making. Smoke plumes near Fort Collins, Colorado, June 9th, 2012
Photo credit Miranda Spindel

Fire near Fort Collins, Colorado. June 10th, 2012
Photo credit Miranda Spindel

Near Fort Collins, Colorado June 17th, 2012
Photo credit Miranda Spindel

Fire near Roundup, Montana June 26th, 2012
Photo credit Mark Higgin

As the lives, businesses and cherished animal companions of thousands of our friends and neighbors continue to be threatened by fire, many turn to prayer as a means of support. There is no doubt that no matter how you choose to support the people affected by these ongoing and disastrous fires, every little bit helps.  To all our “mustang family” friends in these areas, please know that our hearts are with you.
A facebook page with information on shared resources for horse owners during times of disaster

maintains a listing of missing/stolen horses; an excellent resource during times of disaster
Website with information on how to contact your local FEMA office for local information, situation updates, and assistance
Article with information on how to keep your horse safe if threatened by wildfire

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  1. vickietaylor permalink

    I’m happy to hear that none of the mustang grazing lands are impacted so far by the fires. My most sincere hopes that continues to be true. Of course, even “emergency gathers” due to drought means more mustangs needing help, and our compassion. Many thanks to the MHF for all your help.

  2. So glad the BLM mustangs are not being affected. I adopted at the 2012 Ft Collins event, and last Thursday was on standby at the ranch with a trailer for evac. The night ended fine but the first was too close! We are in Eagle, CO. If anyone reading this does need a temporary solution for their horses, they can contact Alicia Morris with Mountain Valley Horse Rescue – her facility on the front range has some large pastures open for anyone affected by the fires!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! We are all keeping the families affected by these fires, as well as the people and agencies responding and helping, in our daily prayers. Please stay safe!

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