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Doc’s Teddy Bear, Real-Life Mustang Wows Kentucky Kids

August 17, 2012

One touch. One dream. One mustang.

In July 2012, Cohn Livingston of Pearl, Mississippi, accepted a special invitation to introduce his champion mustang to more than 5,000 attendees at the 23rd Annual BreyerFest Celebration held at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Meet Doc’s Teddy Bear. He’s the newest “poster boy” for hundreds of little girls who were able to touch a real mustang for the first time at this year’s BreyerFest. With bedroom floors full of model horses and imaginations brimming with pretend horse adventures, Cohn and Teddy Bear gave them all the opportunity to lay their hands on a living, breathing mustang.  For many of them, this first touch will be the start of their own journey with mustangs. Cohn and his gentle, patient Teddy Bear posed for hundreds of photos with smiling children, and the line for pictures grew even longer after their bridle-less demonstration ride before thousands of event spectators.

Demonstrating their 2011 championship performance from Tennessee’s Extreme Mustang Makeover, Teddy Bear’s flawless performance had the BreyerFest crowd on their feet.

Teddy Bear, Cohn and R.G. Livingston, and Sarah Ann Bowman pose for a picture at BreyerFest

Cohn’s journey with mustangs began in 2009, when his wife Brandee convinced him to compete in the 2010 Ocala, Florida, all-mare Extreme Mustang Makeover. After the competition, “Diamond,” who placed eighth in the Finals was sold to an enthusiastic bidder who outbid even the Livingstons that day. Within a month, a special arrangement was made between the two families, and Diamond came to Doc Livingston Farm to stay.

She had stolen his heart. “When you get to know a mustang, that’s just the way it goes,” says Cohn.

Sarah Ann Bowman rides Teddy Bear for the BreyerFest crowd, performing this maneuver as well as jumping the ring of fire, all bridle-less.

It only takes one.

One touch. One dream. One mustang. R.G. Livingston and her best friend, Teddy Bear. The tiny girl gave him his name the very first moment she laid eyes on him. “Daddy!” she exclaimed. “He’s a teddy bear!” And so he was. 

Cohn and his wife Brandee live in Pearl, Mississippi, with the light of their life, future mustang trainer Riley Grace, known as “R.G.” Together they operate Doc Livingston Farm and Stables, which has become a haven for families and their children as they learn about mustangs and horse care. Cohn’s full-time job building roads provides a healthy appreciation of the horses and children that keep Doc Livingston Farm busy. Cohn, Brandee and their students have won four of their last five Extreme Mustang Makeover events using teamwork, humility and compassion as the foundation for success.

 You can visit Cohn and his family on their Facebook pages here:

 For more information on how to adopt a mustang of your own, please visit:







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